Art, Music, and Dance

The disclosure in May 1945 and subsequent revelations that the Dutch artist Han Van Meegeren painted and sold artworks reported to be genuine Jan Vermeers, to the sum of $2,000,000, shocked and embarrassed the otherwise staid and stolid art world. “Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers” details the discovery as well as the uncovering of a most intriguing career in art forgery. Han Van Meegeren was born in 1889 in Holland. He was originally a student of architecture at the University of Deft, but turned to art and later became a well known portrait painter in The Hague.

Unfortunately, the critics labeled his works as superficial with easy symbolism, lacking real depth. This criticism led Van Meegeren to leave Holland in 1932 to settle in the south of France. Here he embarked on his second career as a forger par excellence of the great masters. At first he engaged in secret studies of the great artists including Franz Hals, Vermeer and others. But later he concentrated on Vermeer because of his affinity for the subdued colors and masterly composition of Vermeer.

In 1936 the respected critic Bravius theorized that Vermeer had traveled to Italy and there came under the influence of Caravaggio; and that additional Vermeer paintings would be found showing this Italian influence. In 1939 Van Meegeren obliged this theory with his first of several forgeries, skillfully employing old canvases from the 17th century and inventing new techniques to simulate 300 year old works with age cracks, dust, and even faded paint.

BON VOYAGE - 24 Minutes, $19.95
Israel’ most popular melodies accompany a tour showing the beauty and majesty of the land of Israel. Shows Israel from the Golan Heights down to the Negev, including Jerusalem. This is a rollicking, fast paced “must see” which also includes contagiously enjoyable Israeli dancing, and ends with the Verdi Requiem with the Israel Philharmonic, conducted by Zuben Mehta, accompanied by the legendary tenor Richard Tucker.

41 Minutes, $19.95
Moshe Castel’ art and philosophy of art are explored in this definitive video on his work. His early paintings evoke a traditional mood in subject and color, while his later work takes on an exciting modern turn while his subject matter becomes more ancient in content.

THE MAESTRO’ LEGACY - 52 Minutes, $19.95
A documentary of the Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition held in Tel Aviv in the spring of 1989. This video shows the different mindsets of contestants and judges who struggle to maintain an objectivity that will allow them to perceive the artistry and style of the individual performer, as well as to recognize the merits of technical proficiency. The contestants must view the competition as a means of encountering growth opportunities along with the physical and emotional ordeal of the competition. One veteran competitor observes that contests have replaced the old patronage system in obtaining support for musicians. In a special cameo, Rubinstein himself offers his insights on what it takes to be a great pianist.

This video features one of the most famous vocal groups in Israel, The Gevatron, joyously singing of the land and the people in timeless and eerily beautiful lyrics and melodies that portray the Jewish People’ overflowing love and devotion to Israel.

ORCHESTRA - 28 Minutes $19.95
This is the story of frustrated Russian musicians and immigrants who, in their attempts to find employment in Beersheba, organize a symphony orchestra. The beautiful result of their quest is shown here in the first concert of the Negev Symphony Orchestra.