Christian Videos of Israel

The most important and significant book in the history of Western Civilization is the Holy Bible. “And There Was Light” tells the story of the origin of the Christian Bible, its formation, its translators, and its struggle for survival. Originally written in Hebrew, the Bible was initially translated into Greek for Alexander the Great as the Septuagint. With the birth of Christianity, The New Testament was first written in Greek and probably Hebrew and Aramaic (a language similar to Hebrew spoken in Israel in the time of Jesus). Later, the Bible was translated completely into Greek, and then under Jerome into Latin. Each new translation before and thereafter added a new dimension to the spirituality of the Holy Writ, and in effect provided a reflection of the civilization of its time. “And There Was Light” highlights, through Art, the biblešs long journey across the centuries ­ from its inception in the days of antiquity to its rendering into the english language (The King James Version), and ultimate introduction to America.

The birth of Christianity and Israel are eternally intertwined. the geography, history, and language of the Holy Land served to create the texture and symbolism of the life of Jesus. His sermons and teachings take on a new life when applied to a tableau of the places where He lived. First century Israel was a country of almost three million Jews oppressed by the Roman Empire (though not in comparison with what was to come after 70 AD and 135 AD when most of the population was exiled and the temple was destroyed), and ruled by the hated King Herod, himself a Roman collaborator. At this time n Israel, Messianism was in the air. The revolt of Mattithias against the former Hellenistic rulers had, unfortunately, resulted in new Hellenistic rulers. In this spiritual miasma came Jesus and his teachings and followers. “And This Is Where It All Began” tells the story of the birth of Christianity against a beautiful background of present day Israel.

The Passover was the time when Jesus went up to Jerusalem to face His fate and the final week of His life. “Easter in Jerusalem” shows the sites of that final journey. Following in His footsteps we see Bethany, where Jesus stayed at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus; the site where He wept over Jerusalem (a church bearing the name Dominus Lacrimat, which means “where He wept,” now stands there); the Upper Room, site of the Last Supper; Gethsemane; and the Via Dolorosa, His route through the streets of Jerusalem, the Holy City. this video brings to view the present day observances of how Easter is celebrated in Jerusalem, and its meaning to Christians and Jews alike.

Take a tour of Israel’s Jewish and Christian sites. the landmarks, churches, ancient springs and pilgrimages sites reveal a land steeped in tradition, religion, beauty and history.

Undoubtedly, the most famous lake in the world is the Sea of Galilee. Here Christianity began with the Sermon on the Mount, the Miracle of the Loaves, and the Miracle of the Fishes. Here Jesus preached in the Synagogue at Capernaum, and at Beth Saida the disciples Peter, Andrew, and Philip were born. Here also is where the Jerusalem Talmud was written, Rabbi Akiva taught, and where Maimonides is buried. With the restoration of Jews to their land, this is the site where the first Kibbutz was founded. The lake itself was formed two million years ago by an earthquake that formed the Great Rift Valley that stretches from Syria, south to Lake Victoria in Africa. The Sea of Galilee, also known as Lake Kinneret, is 700 feet below sea level, and is home to many animals and plants. The lake also provides Israel with most of its fresh water through the National Water, and also provides Israel and the world with the delectable St. Peteršs Fish. The shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, because of its antiquity, is the site of many important archaeological excavations. “Sea of Dreams” shows the Sea of Galilee in all its majesty. It continues to draw people to it for inspiration, recreation and beauty, and it provides life and sustenance to the people of Israel.