AGRICULTURE - 25 Minutes
Presents three stories on Israel’ advances in agricultural techniques and technology, focusing on the country’ contribution toward helping developing nations improve their ability to feed their populations. Farming with saline water, developing new crops for desert agriculture, and new ways of finding water in the desert, as well as preserving the environment while utilizing its resources, are among the subjects covered.

This profile of the Volcani Institute, Israel’ leading agricultural research agency, documents its advances in farming technology. Non-chemical preservatives, solar treatment of waste water, and innovative methods for the genetic engineering of plants are a few of the topics included.

DRIP-DROP - 26 Minutes
Explains how the drip-irrigation system, a revolutionary method, has doubled productivity of fruits and vegetables in Israel’ varied climates. Since it simulates the root system only, drip irrigation saves 40% of water, compared to the sprinkler method. It can use sewage water since it contains its own built-in purifier. “Drip Drop” is a vivid account of a system that could provide ecological health and economic effectiveness throughout the world.

This video presents a brief description of the water problem in Israel, including the lack of water for developing the country especially in the Negev. Israel’ advances in water management include finding solutions like the National Water Carrier and the local all automatic computer controlled watering system.