Videos on Art & Culture

Agam: Light and Shape - 17 Minutes
This video covers the retrospective Tel Aviv exhibition of the work of the world renowned kinetic artist Yaacov Agam, who also offers commentary and ideas.

Ardon: Portrait of an Artist - 28 Min.
A look at the works and colorful personality of Mordechai Ardon, known for his abstract paintings of the Israeli landscape. Also highlighted are his representations of Jewish historical events that combine realism with abstract art.

Castel: Portrait of an Artist - 45 Minutes
A pictorial essay on the prominent Israeli painter Moshe Castel, whose work reflects the dual influence of European art and the traditional art forms of Israel in the postwar period.

Dance Festival in Carmiel - 11 Minutes
A look at the splendor and diversity of Israel's ethnic groups and cultures, reflected in the colorful folk dances at the annual Dance Festival of the Galilee, one of the country's most beautiful areas.

Israeli Suite - 9 Minutes
This MTV-style video features young people’ choirs performing against the backdrop of various scenic locales, including the Negev Desert and Jerusalem. Shlomo Gronich, singer, composer and founder of the Ethiopian children's group, "The Sheba Choir," leads various children's groups singing Israeli songs in Hebrew.

Profile of an Artist: Marcel Janco - 41 Minutes
The life and work of the Israeli artist, who was one of the founders of the DADA Art Movement, who also established the art colony of Ein Hod.

Profile of an Artist: Anna Ticho - 25 Minutes
A delightful look at the life and times of Anna Ticho, whose paintings depict the beauty of Jerusalem and Judea. In addition to the presence of the artist, the video is enhanced by its dramatic depiction of Jerusalem during the early years of this century.

Vocalisa - 10 Minutes
The hills are alive with the sound of music every year at Israel's Vocalisa Festival, held in the ancient city of Acre. Choral groups from Israel and around the world share the music and joy of their cultures at this exciting event.