Touring Israel

The Desert Within Your Reach - 12 Min.
A whirlwind tour of the Negev desert and all it offers to the adventurous tourist.

El Al Magazine - 45 Min.
This video series, produced by the country's national airline, reveals the tremendous diversity of the people and places of Israel. Topics include tourist sites, leisure activities, archaeology, culture, science, and industry in Israel.

Impressions - 28 Min.
A celebration of the land of Israel and its people, this fast-paced video offers a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the country's landscape. It is set to music play by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Together, the stunning camera work and lyrical score capture and convery the vitality of a nation, its rich diversity, its ancient history, and its modern achievements.

It Could Only Be Israel - 15 Min.
American boy tours Israel. English girl tours Israel. Will boy meet girl? You won't know until the last frame of this delightful video that takes viewers to Israel's many religious and archaeological sites, scenic wonders, museums and shops.

The Long Past Lives - 15 Min. 30 Sec.
A tour of Israel's Jewish and Christian sites. The landmarks, chuches, ancient springs and pilgrimage sites reveal a land steeped in tradition, religion, beauty and history.

Sea of Dreams - 28 Min.
The beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee hold many secrets about Israel's past. This documentary explores the area's fascinating archaeological sites, ancient battlefields and holy places.

Sights and Sounds in Jaffa - 16 Min.
A look at the historic past and colorful present of the ancient port city of Jaffa. It's a visual treat set against the background of the city's annual international choir festival.