Women's Self-Defense

The following is true of women today: 5 out of 6 are victims of violent crime at least once in their lifetime. A woman is victimized by a burglary every 10 seconds.

But every woman can avoid or escape a dangerous situation!

In REACT - A Woman's Guide to Safety and Basic Self-Defense, the Denver Police Department and East/West Karate show how any woman, regardless of size, stature, or age, can learn to protect herself from crimes ranging from robbery to rape, kidnapping, or even more violent acts. In a plain-speaking, honest appraisal of the safety of women, this film shows in clear, easy to follow methods how you can prepare yourself to avoid or lessen the impact of crime.

Based on a class taught by East/West Karate called ? "P.R.I.D.E.," an acronym for Powerful Response in Dangerous Environments, REACT teaches women to be aware of dangers faced daily, and presents a solid, easy to implement plan of action. The plan includes prevention (how not to be seen as an "easy mark"), avoidance of dangerous situations, evasive action, and a powerful defense using the body's natural weapons, if it should be necessary to fight back.

Covering every possible place or way in which a woman can be attacked, this video shows how to be aware, how to formulate a plan, and how to put your plan into action. It discusses car safety, home safety, hotel safety, and other situations such as where and how to park, how to use your car as a weapon, what to do to prevent car-jackings, and prevention of bodily harm in all situations.

Tips and prevention techniques, actual assault reenactments and training sessions, designed for the viewer to practice at home, are presented. A booklet of tips is included with each video, giving ideas for personal safety, and home, car, and hotel safety, as shown in the film. REACT - A Woman?s Guide to Safety and Basic Self Defense, is a must for any woman who wants to take control of her life, and to say "no" to danger.

FREE Booklet of Tips included with each video!